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Outdated. No longer recommended

Wordpress RobotNEW! WP Robot Version 5!

If you’re looking for a powerful way to create WordPress autoblogs, there’s only one plugin I use and recommend. That’s because there’s a right way and a wrong way to autoblogging.

Many of the autoblog options I’ve seen and tried will create a lot of content for your website. But the problem with most of them is they simply scrape content from other sites and don’t really add anything of value to your own site.

That’s why I chose WP Robot over all the others. Using this plugin correctly will add useful and targeted content to your website.

Instead of posting garbage from across the web, WP Robot can add relevant content from article sites or product data from your affiliate accounts. You can even add affiliate products to your own unique posts on your wordpress sites.

For example, let’s say you have a “How-to” type of website. With a couple of mouse clicks you can add a YouTube video or Flickr image to illustrate your page content.

If you have an affiliate site promoting specific products you can insert targeted eBay auctions, Amazon products, Clickbank products, or products from any Commission Junction merchant you’re affiliated with.

But that’s not all. The available modules for WP Robot will get targeted content for your site from the following programs:

Ezine articles
Google News
RSS feeds
Commission Junction
PRWeb Press Releases
PLR Autoblogging
Article Builder
Big Content Search
Google Translate
Yahoo Answers
Yahoo News
Bing News

And, there’s even a module to translate your content into other languages and back to english for additional unique content.

One other advantage to WP Robot over other autoblog options is the amount of help available to assist you in making the most of all the features included in this plugin.

Just go to the WP Robot site and you’ll see links to screenshots, videos, demo blogs, documentation (user manual), support forum, and even a free version to download and try.

Done incorrectly, your autoblog will be nothing more than another site full of garbage on the web. You can avoid that by properly using the growing number of features included in the WP Robot plugin.

New in Version 5:

  • New Interface:  Faster and easier to use even for beginners.
  • New Curation Page: Create content by combining information from multiple sources.
  • Campaign Specific Settings: Several settings in the previous version could only be set site-wide. Now you can override any setting at the campaign level.
  • New Content Sources: WP Robot 5 now offers 9 new content sources bringing the total to 32.
  • Cloud Settings: If you run multiple web sites you can now import and export your options between then.
  • Automatic Updates: The plugin is automatically updated through your WordPress plugins page.
  • Full Text RSS Feeds: A 1-click full text conversion allows you to post full articles even if the RSS feed only shows excerpts.
  • Simplified Campaign Creation: A new simplified template system makes it faster and easier to understand for new users with a new drag and drop interface.
  • Module Updates: Several content modules have received updates and improvements.

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