Fresh Store Builder 9 – Review

Outdated. No longer recommended.

FSB-7All New Version 9 Now Available!

Are you an affiliate looking for a great way to build a complete affiliate website? Then you need to check out Fresh Store Builder 9!

Fresh Store Builder 9 is an all-in-one script you can use to build niche “stores” that are great looking and easy to navigate for your website visitors.

I’ve been using this program for a couple of years now and I’m very pleased with the results so far. So, let’s take a look at how it works and why I like it more than the other affiliate site builders.

In addition to all the great features for building a profitable affiliate site, here are some of the main features included in Fresh Store Builder Version 9:

  • Automatic Internal Linking
  • Spin Rewriter Integration
  • Country Redirect by IP
  • Automatic Template/Skin Updates
  • Store API •  Persistent Shopping Cart
  • Newsletter Integration
  • Custom Product Images
  • Custom Related Products
  • Automatic Cookie Consent
  • Ability to add links from other affiliate programs

NEW in Fresh Store Builder 9:

eBay Product integration

Facebook Integration:  Connect a FB page to your store & new deals & products are posted automatically.

SEO Optimized: Your Fresh store is SEO-optimised right out of the box, so you are only a few articles away from top rankings on a wide variety of keywords.

Pinterest Integration: Pinterest is one of the world’s largest and most popular social networks. Pinterest users are often looking for products to purchase. And with Fresh Store Builder 8 you can automatically make Pinboards & post products according to your own schedule. “Rich Pins” let your items show as products with the price & full information. In addition, automatic syncing means your pins update whenever Amazon does.

Why use Fresh Store Builder 9?

1. Flexibility

You can use Fresh Store Builder as a “stand-alone” Amazon or eBay affiliate website all by itself. The program installs on your hosting account and by using the quick-start option in the dashboard you can have a complete site up and running pretty quickly.

Another way to use the program is to build a niche site using WordPress, or any other website builder, and then install your “store” in a folder or subdomain. Just link your main site to your store and you’re ready to go!

Or, you can install Fresh Store Builder 9 on your main domain and then install a WordPress blog in a folder or subdomain.

My preferred method is to build a niche site using WordPress on the main domain with plenty of related, unique content and then installing the store in a folder. I simply add links to the store in the blog’s navigation menus and links to the blog in the store’s navigation menus.

Building sites this way gives me the ability to grow a large affiliate site that visitors and search engines will want to keep coming back to.

2. Customization

I really like how easy it is to customize just about every part of your affiliate store with the built-in dashboard.

Unlike many of the other store builders, Fresh Store Builder 9 allows you to change templates, colors, and layouts easily. One of the best features in Fresh Store Builder is the built-in “Visual Editor” which lets you see all your modifications instantly as you make them!

The biggest advantage to all of the customization options, to me at least, is the ability to modify nearly every part of the look and feel of the store. I’m able to easily edit colors, backgrounds, headers, etc. to make my store match the look and feel of the main niche site so everything looks the same.

Every page of your store, including your product listing pages, allow you to add your own unique content and to edit the content received from the Amazon product feed. This feature alone allows you to build unique affiliate sites instead of generating the same automatic content many of the other store builders create.

3. Adding Products to Your Store

There are multiple methods you can use to add products to your store depending on the type of store you’re building.

For example, if you’re promoting a tightly focused niche with only a handful of products available you can manually add items to your store using Amazon’s individual product ASIN numbers.

The menu options in the dashboard allow you to easily search for and add products to your store by ASIN number, Manufacturer, Search Terms, Browse Nodes, and Bundles. Browse Nodes and Search Terms are auto-populate methods. Simply enter the browse node number or search term, filter them with product keywords you don’t want to show, and click the button to auto-populate your store.

Here’s a sample of what a product listing page might look like on your site:

Fresh Store Builder Product Listing

One unique feature of Fresh Store Builder 9 is its ability to keep your store “turned off” (hidden from public and search engines) until you have it fully built and ready to “go live”! That gives you all the time you need to add products, add content, or modify the look and feel of your store.

4. How it Compares to Similar Programs

You may be wondering how Fresh Store Builder compares to other Amazon affiliate site builders.

Over the last several years I’ve used dozens of programs and plug-ins to build affiliate websites. In order to make a fair comparison I need to first explain how some of these products work.

Options such as WP RobotWP Zon Builder, and phpZon are WordPress plug-ins. They allow you to build various types of affiliate websites using WordPress. They add amazon products to your pages or posts and allow you to build sites fairly quickly. They’re great if you like to build a large number of sites while hoping at least some of them make you sales. They’re also good for testing different niches and products if you want to find out what products are selling best for you.

I’ve used each of those plugins, and several others, with varying degrees of success.

Fresh Store Builder 9, Associate-O-Matic, Affiliate Niche Script, and other similar programs are stand-alone programs that you install on the server of your hosting account. They typically have a dashboard where you login to configure your “store”.

I haven’t used Affiliate Niche Script so I won’t comment on that one. I have used Associate-O-Matic and Fresh Store Builder 9. Of the two, I prefer Fresh Store Builder.

I find the options and flexibility within the dashboard of

Fresh Store Builder much more intuitive and easier to use. Adding unique content, changing the look of your store, and incorporating a blog is also easier in my opinion with Fresh Store Builder. And, one thing I didn’t care for about Associate-O-Matic is the $20 annual fee to keep using the program. It’s not a big deal. Just a little annoying getting that annual notice.

5. Help and Support

You’ll find plenty of help and support in case you run into any problems or want to learn how to customize the various options within Fresh Store Builder.

The dashboard includes tips and brief instructions on every page where there are options for your to select.

When you log into your members area you’ll find several “guides” and instructions for installing, customizing, and using the plugin. There’s also a number of videos you can follow in order to learn how to use the plugin’s features.

If that’s not enough, there’s also a user forum where you can ask questions and get help from several experts that have been using the program for quite a while.

When new versions are released, you’ll find those also inside your member area ready for download with instructions on how to update your stores.

6. Cons

Fresh Store Builder 9 is a powerful ecommerce script that can be a little overwhelming for beginners. FSB isn’t a simple WordPress script or website add-on. There’s a lot of options and settings in your dashboard so there will be a learning curve to understand how everything works. However, as noted above, you have access to training guides and videos, a user forum, and a responsive helpdesk.

7. Overall Conclusions

If you want to build a stand-alone store, blog and store, or store and blog, I think you’ll find everything you need to help earn Amazon affiliate commissions with Fresh Store Builder.

You can find out about dozens of other features I wasn’t able to include in this short review by heading over to their website when you click this link:  Fresh Store Builder 9