Shortcuts to Fast and Easy Content Creation

writer's blockI’m sure most online marketers have heard the phrase “Content is King!” But, the truth is, content has always been king. Creating great content quickly and easily is where many people struggle.

Have you ever sat in front of your computer staring at a blank screen because you don’t know what to write about or don’t even know how to get started? I know I have!

Even if you know what you want to write, how long does it take to get that blog post, article, email or salesletter written? In the past it’s taken me hours or even days just to complete one piece of content.

So how do you create content faster and easier than you’re currently doing it? Let me break it down into some easy to follow steps and you’ll be on your way to fast and easy content creation.

Types of Content

There’s probably an almost unlimited number of different types of content. However, I’m going to briefly cover the most common types that online marketers use on a daily basis.

  • Blog/Web Page Content: This is the most common type of content that you should be writing on a daily basis. It includes product reviews, how-to’s, 5 Ways to, 7 Top Products, opinions, controversial topics and many more. This entire article is an example of blog content.
  • Ebooks and Reports: One way to build a subscriber list, or to create and sell your own product, is with Ebooks and/or short reports. All it takes is some knowledge or experience about a topic people are interested in to write an Ebook or report to sell.
  • Newsletters: Another great way to build a subscriber list of followers. Weekly newsletters about popular topics you’re familiar with can be created for sale or sent for free. Hobbies are great subject matter for creating newsletters.
  • Email/Autoresponder Series: One of the first goals of every marketer should be to build an email list of subscribers that you can market to over and over again. This is another type of content that you would need to generate on a daily basis or at least a couple of time per week.
  • Forum and/or Social Media Posts:  Both are great ways to get noticed and for people to get to know you. Posts can include tips, how-to’s, funny things you’ve seen or heard, links to other great content you’ve seen, sharing videos and images, etc.
  • Other Content: Here’s a catch-all category of content that you’ll most likely be creating at some point as a marketer. It includes press releases, sales letters, landing pages, membership site content, tutorials, video and graphic content, etc.

I haven’t even scratched the surface of all the types of content there is for you to create. So let’s just say that anything you write, record (video/audio), create (images, graphics) is considered content.


content types

Common Steps to Creating Content

To create content there are some typical steps and decisions to make that are usually performed before you can begin writing. Lets start with a blog post or similar article for example.

First you’ll need to know your subject matter and what you want to write about. Then you’ll want to organize it into paragraphs or steps so it all makes sense from start to finish. You’ll need a great title for your content, maybe some graphics or images, and then you need to actually start writing!

And, if you’re lucky, that article you just wrote will be something that people actually want to read

I’ve read literally dozens of articles on content creation and nearly all of them include the same steps for creating what the authors consider great content. The steps usually include keyword research, topic research, creating an outline, first draft, final draft, proofreading and finally completion.

No wonder a lot of people feel overwhelmed or confused and then struggle when trying to create content of any type.

Oh! I haven’t even mentioned making your content easy to read and follow, visually appealing, writing in short paragraphs, adding subheadings, bullet points and more!

But what if there was a way to do it all quickly and easily? You know, a shortcut to creating just about any type of content you’re likely to need as an internet marketer.

Content Creation Shortcuts

If you think taking shortcuts will mean skipping steps and throwing together some content to post online as quickly as you can then you’d be wrong.

It doesn’t matter what type of content you’re creating. It’s still important that you write unique content that someone is going to want to see and read.

What I’m talking about is having a set of tools like those used by some of the net’s top marketers so that you can take on any content creation project quickly and easily.

If you’re an affiliate marketer you will often have swipe files provided by the product seller for emailing to your list. But, every other affiliate of that seller has the same files. I don’t know about you but I get a little tired of seeing several email per day with the same subject line and content every time a new product launches.

So, why can’t anyone be unique and write their own headlines, subject lines, emails, blog posts, etc? Well, that’s just plain laziness and the type of shortcuts you shouldn’t be taking.

What you need is a set of tools that will allow you to come up with content ideas, create outlines, write emails, write blog posts, create videos or audios, generate headlines and titles, or any other type of content you can think of and be able to do it faster than you’ve been doing it.

The only way I know of to put together any type of content quickly and easily is with templates, checklists, swipe files, idea generators, case studies, and outlines already created for you and ready to use. It would take months to find all these tools if you were to look for each one every time you had a different type of content to create.

But you don’t have to do that.

Everything you need is included in The Ultimate Content System! You’ll find over 700 pages of every type of content template you’ll ever need along with tips, ideas, checklists and more.

You no longer have an excuse for staring at a blank computer screen wondering how to even get started! Check out the Ultimate Content System and see the same tools I use everyday in my business!