Steve Sieloff

Steve SieloffSteve Sieloff is the founder and owner of Dotted Line Publishing, LLC, an Internet marketing and training company.  Steve holds a BA degree, majoring in Accounting and Business Finance, and has been online since the early 1980’s. His interest in learning to earn an income online over the past 10 years allowed him to form his own company and eventually leave a full-time corporate job in 2007. One of Steve’s current projects is teaching others to do the same by offering a mentoring program currently available by invitation only.

Thanks for stopping by to find out what my web site is all about.

A Simple Desire to Succeed

Like many, I thought building an online business meant finding things around your house and selling them on ebay. Then, about seven years ago I came across a web site offering an ebook on how to make millions online in your spare time. There were pictures of fancy cars, yachts, big houses and scenic tropical beaches. Ok, let me see what this is all about.

Imagine the anger and disappointment when this “book” instructed me to add my name to the bottom of a list and send $5 to each of the people listed above me. Yep, a stupid chain letter scheme. But, I knew there had to be a way to make money online. Other people were doing it, why not me too?

So, over the next two years or so I continued buying nearly every “make money” product I found. It didn’t take long to figure out who the honest and ethical online marketers were. The people that honestly wanted to help others succeed. Their information actually made sense. No promises of instant riches, no promises that it would be easy, and no promises that this was the right business for me. But something told me that “I can do this”! And, for the past 5 years I have been quietly succeeding under the radar.

I’m no “guru”

You won’t find my name all over the internet.

My goal is simple.  To provide you with tips and information on what works and what doesn’t in the world of Internet Marketing.  So, visit often and watch this site grow over the coming months and years. It will be filled with free information, free tips and ideas, and the latest IM news.

Remember, Internet Marketing is a business and needs to be treated as one. It takes work and dedication to earn a living online. It’s not the easy riches many would have you believe. But, if you’re willing to follow along and actually take action on what you learn, I’m here to help you succeed.

Enjoy the journey!

Steve Sieloff


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