Brand New E1K-Light

Outdated. No longer recommended.

E1K-Light MembershipThere’s a new, somewhat unusual, membership site that was recently launched by one of my favorite internet marketing mentors. It’s actually a “light” version of a very successful long-running membership for internet marketers.

Back in 2007, Dennis Becker created Earn1KaDay with the goal of helping people achieve their first $1,000 day online. Since then, many members have achieved that level of success and more! I wrote about that site in this post here: Earn 1K a Day?

As the membership grew, along with the included content, the monthly fee also increased over time. As a result, a lot of beginners and others on tight budgets have been priced out of joining.

Realizing that was the case, Dennis has created a new, affordable “light” version of his popular membership site called E1K-Light!

One of the most popular sections of the original site is its download area. Several products are made available for members to download every week. And that is the focus of the new E1K-Light.

This lighter version of the full membership site will give you immediate access to the current month’s downloads and the previous two months worth of downloads!

I don’t think you’ll find as many products available for download anywhere else online.

You will have access to Dennis Becker’s own products as they’re released. You’ll get access to video courses you can resell, training and coaching courses and access to products from premium memberships that Dennis belongs to.

At any given time you will have access to something in the neighborhood of 35 – 50 products with new items added weekly.

The way it all works is, as mentioned above, you will have access to the current month’s products and the previous two months. Each month the oldest month is removed as a new month of downloads begins. So, you’ll always have 3 months of products available at all times.

In addition, there are training and coaching courses from highly respected marketing experts Sean Mize and Eric Louviere. These courses won’t be removed from the site!

These products, ebooks, memberships, and other downloads cover just about every topic internet marketers need for learning new skills from a variety of topics, business models, income strategies, and more. I believe there’s something here for every type of marketer and every type of online business.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a freelance writer, affiliate marketer, product creator, coach, consultant, graphic artist, offline marketer or whatever your online business focus is. You won’t find this many products at one time, in one place, that’s this affordable.

Take a few minutes and check out this new membership site called E1K-Light.