Roboform – “Must-have” Software

RoboForm: Learn more...If you have a computer, you must have Roboform. Never lose your user name or password again. I cannot even begin to tell you how invaluable this program has been to my online life. Besides being a major time saver, Roboform will remember all of your login details for web sites, bank accounts, web forms, etc.  And, with its built-in security and encryption features you can feel safe online.
This handy, inexpensive program will store all of your online account information in one place so you are never without your login details. Your data files can be safely kept on a thumb drive for additional safety.  And, all of your records can be printed for safe-keeping. Accessing your accounts is now a one click process.
Have you ever gone to a web site and forgotten your user name or password and can’t find that scrap of paper where you had written them down? Roboform solves that issue once and for all. I’ve been using this program for quite a while now and it’s one program I couldn’t live without. You can download Roboform for free.