Internet Marketing Acronyms

When I was first starting my online business there were a number of new words, abbreviations, and acronyms to learn. That’s pretty typical when learning a new job, hobby, or any other new topic you’re not familiar with.What does that mean?

Many times I’ve received emails, read website articles, or read forum posts where the writer used one or more of these internet marketing acronyms that were new to me. So, I either had to try and figure out their meaning based on the content or take time to look them up somewhere.

I’m sure you’ve also encountered a number of terms that you didn’t understand and either ignored them or took the time to search for their meaning.

To help out beginners that are running into acronyms you’ve not seen before or don’t know what they mean, I’ve prepared a short list of common terms you’ll frequently see on a regular basis.

And, at the end of this list I have a link to a free website with a complete glossary of Internet Marketing terms and their meaning.

API:  Application Programming Interface (Typically used in software, scripts, or plugins to access product data feeds from merchants in affiliate programs.)
B2B:  Business to Business
B2C:  Business to Consumer
BSO:  Bright Shiny Object (You know . . . chasing after the next “big thing” being promoted.)
CPA:  Cost Per Action
CPC:  Cost Per Click
CPL:  Cost Per Lead
CPM:  Cost Per Mille (Thousand)
CTA:  Call To Action (Buy Now button, “click here” link, opt-in form, etc.)
CTR:  Click Through Rate
CPS:  Cost Per Sale
CRM:  Customer Relationship Management
CSS:  Cascading Style Sheet
DNS:  Domain Name System
eCPM:  Effective Cost Per Mille (Thousand)
EPC:  Earnings Per Click  (Sometimes means earning per 100 clicks.)
EPN:  Ebay Partner Network affiliate program
FAQ:  Frequently Asked Questions
FTP:  File Transfer Protocal
HTML:  Hypertext Markup Language
IM:  Internet Marketing
IP:  Internet Protocal
ISP:  Internet Service Provider
KW:  Keyword
MFA:  Made For Adsense (Websites created purely to make money with Adsense ads)
MMO:  Make Money Online
MRR:  Master Resell Rights
OP:  Original Poster (Person starting threads in a forum or in website comments.)
OTO:  One Time Offer
PDF:  Portable Document Format
PFP:  Pay For Performance
PLR:  Private Label Rights
PPC:  Pay Per Click
PPL:  Pay Per Lead
PPS:  Pay Per Sale
PPV:  Pay Per View
PR:  Page Rank
PV:  Page Views
ROI:  Return On Investment
SEO:  Search Engine Optimization
SEM:  Search Engine Marketing
SERP:  Search Engine Results Page
SMM:  Social Media Marketing
T&C:  Terms & Conditions
TLD:  Top Level Domain
URL:  Uniform Resource Locator
UV:  Unique Visitors
VPN:  Virtual Private Network
WP:  WordPress
WSO:  Warrior Special Offers (Products sold by marketers on the Warrior Forum.)

I hope you learned at least one new thing from that list.

If you’re looking for a free online glossary with complete descriptions of many more Internet Marketing terms then check out this site:  Free Internet Marketing Glossary