Rapid Action Profits

Rapid Action Profits

Outdated. No longer recommended

Rapid Action ProfitsIf you have your own product, or even a hard drive full of PLR and Resale Rights products, this full-featured program will get them into the marketplace making you money.

Rapid Action Profits, or RAP as users like to call it, is a complete program for selling your products, building a customer list, and growing an army of affiliates.

(If you click on the “Products” link in the menu at the top of this page you can see a sample of items I’m selling with this program.)

RAP will create your sales pages, squeeze pages, one-time offers, secure download pages, payment buttons and optional Tell-a-Friend pages with it’s built-in template system.

The included sales system integrates and automates all of your Sales Functions including:

Multiple Sales Letters
Limited Quantity Offers
“Sold Out” Pages
Opt-in Lists
Autoresponder Integration
Conversion Tracking
Paypal Integration
Protected Download Pages
One-Time Offers
Affiliate Center
Discount Coupons
Offer 100% Commissions
And so much more!

You would need to find, and buy, several different programs in order to perform all of the functions included in the Rapid Action Profits script.

One of the coolist features of this program is the way you pay affiliates. No more tracking who sold what or when they sold it. With RAP, your affiliates are paid their commissions instantly to their paypal account. Here’s how it works:

It you set the commission rate of your product at 100%, the affiliate will receive the entire commission on every sale they make. Set your commissions at 75% and you get the full amount on the first sale and the affiliate receives the full amount of the next three sales. At 50%, you receive 100% of the commission on the first sale, affiliate receives 100% on the second sale and every other sale after that.

It would take several pages to describe all of the things this program can do to automate your sales process. Instead, why not just head on over to their website where you can see if this is something that will help your business succeed.

And, I have no problem recommending this – because I use it Myself!

Click Here to Visit Rapid Action Profits
Here’s what you’ll need to run the program on your website’s hosting account:

Programming Language Used: PHP
Database Type Used: MySQL
Server OS Supported: All
Documentation Provided: 150+ page PDF Installation Guide w/ screen shots

Requires PHP 4.x+ installed on your server and (1) MySQL database.