Protect Your Business With DLGuard!

Outdated. No longer recommended

DLGuard doesn’t just protect your downloadable products from thieves. It’s also a complete management system for your business. DLGuard provides secure sales links, manages your membership areas, provides a built-in shopping cart system and supports the major payment processors.

With DLGuard, your secure sales links will help prevent buyers from bypassing your payment processing system. The script makes sure a valid payment was made before sending your customer on to their secure download area.

If you provide paid or free membership areas, DLGuard will easily manage those for you. It can easily create automatic signups or removals within your membership area while managing all your recurring sales.

One of the main features I like about DLGuard is its ability to stop download link sharing through the use of expiring download links. You set the time limit for how long a customer is allowed to download their purchase or how many times they are allowed to use that link. This offers flexible security for your products and helps fight against piracy.

Other features include the creation of discount coupons, sales tracking, and built-in customizeable templates to fully blend in with your website.

A key function of DLGuard is it can automatically add your customers to your mailing list once a sale is made. So, no more forcing customers to jump through hoops when trying to build your list.

Finally, the creator of DLGuard, Sam Stephens, offers first-class product support.

If you’re interested in protecting your business and your products, check out Sam’s site┬áto learn more. Secure your site with DLGuard!

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