2013 Earn1KaDay Seminar

2013 Earn1KaDay Seminar

Outdated. No longer recommended.

The 2013 Earn1KaDay Seminar was held in Las Vegas, NV over the weekend of July 12-14. This was the 5th annual seminar organized by internet entrepeneur and trainer Dennis Becker.

And, for the 5th straight year, I was unable to attend the seminar in person due to prior commitments that always seem to fall on the weekends Dennis chooses host his seminar each year.

Dennis Becker
Dennis Becker

There’s one thing though that sets this seminar apart from all other internet marketing seminars. And that is the fact that Dennis doesn’t allow the Earn1KaDay seminars to be “pitch fests” where Internet Marketers try to sell their products to other Internet Marketers from the stage.

Instead, you get one expert after another teaching their methods to a group of people actually wanting to learn. This year’s event was no exception.

Day 1 included presentations from the following speakers:

  • Wilson Mattos – “Why You Will Fail Trying to Make Money Online… and How to Succeed”
  • Barbara Ling – “How to transition from PUSH Marketing to PULL Marketing”
  • Connie Ragen Green – “Taking Your Business to the Next Level”
  • Jason Fladlien – “How to Innovate to Easily Solve Problems and Create Breakthrough Profits”
  • Nicole Dean – “How to Get Your Competition to Happily Promote You”
  • Don Wilson – “Profits From Facebook, Funnels, Kindle, and More (oh my!)”

And, an unannounced bonus presentation by Chris Miyamoto on running local meetup groups in your own home town!

Day 2 continued with another round of great presentations by:

  • Justin Popovic – “Entrepreneur’s Mindset – Which version of YOU is showing up?”
  • Jeremy Ginn – “Do I Believe? Why Your Answer Changes Everything”
  • David Perdew, founder of NAMS – “6 Steps to Implementing Big Ideas”
  • Dr. Ben Adkins – “Facebook Retargeting: The Hidden Facebook Goldmine”
  • Gene Pimentel – “Simple Domain Profits”.

And, if that weren’t enough, there were two more unannounced bonus presentations!

Zane Miller with a live demonstration of Google Hangouts and; Chaz Key demonstrating “Simple SEO Techniques”

2013 Earn1KaDay Seminar

Although I couldn’t be there again this year, that doesn’t mean I won’t be able to take advantage of all the great information presented by the experts that were there. Same goes for you too!

One of the cool things that Dennis Becker does at his seminars is to hire a professional videographer to record the entire weekend event!

So, if you couldn’t make it to the seminar but still want to learn from the experts, you can get videos and audios of every presentation. Not only that, but you’ll also get all of the speakers’ PowerPoint slides used in their presentations!

After the 2012 seminar, Dennis had a book created that included photos, speaker profiles, and detailed notes from each presentation. The 2013 Earn1KaDay seminar will be no different. Once that book has been compiled you’ll get that too!

Instead of spending hundreds, or thousands, on the typical “pitch fest” seminar that others put on, do yourself a favor and check out one of the best seminars where you’ll actually learn actionable methods to help build your business! Get your copy of the seminar videos today!

2013 Earn1KaDay Seminar