5 Bucks A Day RevisitedFive years after his original best-seller, Dennis Becker has done it again!

“5 Bucks A Day – Revisited” is 100+ pages of new material continuing where the original “5 Bucks A Day” left off.

Once you learn his simple formula you’ll be inspired and motivated to join the hundreds, if not thousands, of regular folks Dennis has helped to build successful online businesses.

One of the fastest ways to become successful at Internet Marketing is to find a mentor that you can trust. That’s exactly what I did more than 5 years ago when I first heard of Dennis Becker. His simple “5 Bucks A Day” system, along with a strong desire to help people succeed, were responsible for me being able to take my business to the next level.

The all-new “5 Bucks A Day – Revisited” is having the same motivating affect as the original 5 Bucks A Day written five years ago.

(By the way, the original sold over 10,000 copies and in case you’re interested, it’s still available HERE )

So what’s the new “5 Bucks A Day – Revisited” all about?

Well, if you haven’t read the first version, then you’ll be given a brief overview of the key components to the original 5 Bucks a Day strategy.

Then, Dennis talks to you about what’s happened to him and the IM industry in general since 2006. This is some of the most personal, and brutally honest, information I’ve ever read from anyone with an online business.

Next, you’ll find out about a few essential, must-have, assets you need to have in your business. But don’t worry. They won’t cost you anything.

There’s also more than 25 different “5 Bucks A Day” project ideas that you can use to turn into hundreds of new ideas for generating an online income.

And, you’ll learn how to find your own mentor to help ensure your success.

But, here’s the most insane part of all this. Dennis is practically giving away the past 5 years of his marketing knowledge and experience for an unheard of $5.00!

In addition to “5 Bucks A Day – Revisited”, Dennis has reopened his private 5-Bucks-A-Day membership forum where you’ll find a like-minded community of mentors, friends, and frequent additional bonuses to download. You’ll find me there too!

UPDATE: As of August 9, 2011 Dennis has taken the time to record the entire book onto audio files. In addition to the downloadable eBook you get the audio too. Click the link below and check it out!

“CLICK HERE to see the all-new “5 Bucks A Day Revisited”

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