What Happened in Vegas?

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What happened in Vegas?I have another free download here that I know you’re going to love!

The fourth annual Earn1KaDay seminar was held in Las Vegas, Nevada in August 2012 where they recorded detailed notes of each of the 15 presentations so nobody missed even a tiny shred of information.

There were 15 marketers, some superstars, some under the radar men and women that you may not have heard of before, but all experts in their own field, teaching the tactics and strategies that are making them full-time incomes.

Inside this free download are the personal stories and top secrets of 15 top marketers. Here’s just a sample of what you’ll find:

  • Mario Brown’s story about coming to the U.S. with little money, no family, nothing but a dream… and taking “massive imperfect action” that led him from zero to $40,000 monthly income as an IM’er in short order.
  • There’s Connie Ragen Green, a schoolteacher by day, real estate appraiser at night, who was told she had cancer and only a short time left to live. Faced with the need to be able to work at home, she started affiliate marketing, and with an email list of only 651 people, reached $100,000 in annual income.
  • James Jones shares one of his top Kindle tactics
  • Jason Fladlien talks about what it takes to go from a 6-figure income to a 7-figure income based on his own experiences
  • Barbara Ling is another woman who faced adversity and is now earning over $250,000 per year from home.
  • Dr. Ben Adkins explains 5 sneaky Facebook tactics
  • Gene Pimentel’s formula for profiting from buying and selling domain names… yes, just the names.
  • Colin Theriot’s copywriting trick for creating top converting sales pages by answering just 4 questions.
  • And there’s Dennis Becker’s own story about being robbed at knifepoint, robbed again at gunpoint, and eventually deciding he really had to make Internet Marketing work.

These are stories that will inspire you along with step by step strategies and ah-ha moments that will astound you.

There’s a whole lot more in the form of inspiration and step by step plans, and you can get access to the entire book for free today.

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There are almost 300 pages of the best marketing advice you’ll find anywhere.

You’ll read how the seminar presenters answered questions about their success along with answers to questions asked of the seminar attendees. There’s 15 seminar sessions and questions/answers from presenters and attendees. Then, the book finishes with seminar photos, biographies, links and more.

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