Instant Article Factory to the Rescue!

Instant Article Factory

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Instant Article FactoryIf you’re an article marketer, write website content, or write content for others, you need to see this new incredible time saver.

How long does it currently take you to write an article for submission to directories or to put on your blog? How long does it currently take you to write a product review?

Well, your tedious writing projects have just become a lot simpler, faster, and easier now that there is a great new tool called Instant Article Factory.

This powerful product is the brainchild of Jonathan Leger who has created some really useful tools for internet marketers.

What Instant Article Factory does so well is allow you to create quality articles or web content in just minutes.

Here are just three of the many cool features included in Instant Article Factory that set it apart from anything you’ve seen before.

There’s 17 built-in templates (with more on the way), fill in the blank ease-of-use, and the ability to write a complete article in under 5 minutes!

So, let’s take a look at each of these features.

First, the templates are designed to remove writer’s block by leading you through the entire article creation process using pre-designed wording based on the template you’re chosen. But, don’t worry. You’re not restricted to what the template text says. Just click what you don’t like and quickly edit as you go.

The rest of the template is as easy as filling in the blanks. In fact, the templates even take key words or key portions of your text and pre-fill some of the blanks before you get to them!

In the past, it has taken me as long as 2 hours or more to write a decent article. However, the very first time I used Instant Article Factory I wrote a great 424 word article in less than 4 minutes!

Now, this is the part where I’m supposed to tell you what I didn’t like about Instant Article Factory. All I can say is if I happen to find something that’s not to like about Instant Article Factory I’ll let you know because this product has turned out to be the answer to my article writing problems.

Overall, Instant Article Factory is an exceptionally good product with a lot of unique features. It’s well worth your time and effort to go take a look at it and give it a try.

You’ll find built-in templates, user submitted templates, and the ability to create your own templates. And, the built-in article templates are changed periodically so you’re assured of unique content every time you write.

You can find out all the details at Instant Article Factory

Oh, in case you’re wondering . . . yes, I used Instant Article Factory to write this review in about 6 minutes! So click the image aboveĀ andĀ head on over to Jon’s site to watch a short video where you can see it in action.