Free FTP Client Software

Filezilla LogoOne of the best FTP software programs is also free! FileZilla Client is a cross-platform FTP, FTPS and SFTP client with several useful features and an easy to use interface. I’ve been using this program for quite some time now.

Depending on your needs, FileZilla is a cross-platform program that runs on Windows, Linux, *BSD, OSX and more. It’s also available in several diffferent languages. The drag & drop support makes it simple to upload your web sites or files to your server.

Installation, instructions, and support can be found on FileZilla’s main site, Wiki, and the user forum. I saw no reason to buy a commercial program when FileZilla did everything I needed. To download your own copy, visit the FileZilla home page here: FileZilla Home

Below is a screenshot of the program’s main window:

FileZilla - Main Window