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Facebook Social Ads Exposed

Click to DownloadHere’s another free download for you. It’s a great starter guide for using Facebook ads to drive traffic to your websites.

Ok, so you’ve built a website or created a blog and packed it with your best content. You’ve done some solid market research and carefully optimized your site for SEO using long-tailed keywords. And, now you’re busy promoting that site by:

Writing and submitting articles to directories
Adding a clear “call-to-action” to the end of every page
Promoting on related forums and social media sites

But there’s one other strategy you might should also consider that, at first, may seem premature for a new blog or website. And that is advertising on Facebook. If your site fits a certain profile, advertising on Facebook can be one of the fastest ways to turn your site or blog into an authority site, get visitors, and increase it’s page rank.

Is Facebook the right advertising venue for your site? Well, you’re right to be concerned about the fit of your site to any Social Media advertising strategy. And, there are definitely times when Facebook actually may not be right for your market at all!

You may also be wondering whether Facebook advertising is going to be another one of those huge, expensive learning curves. One that might not pay back your investment of time or money.

So, consider this: Facebook’s “Self-Serve” Ads are incredibly easy to create and consist of 3 simple components:

A 25-character Headline or Title
135 characters of body text (your “message”)
A graphic (If you desire)

And that’s where “Facebook Social Ads Exposed” takes over. This free report gives you all you need to know to get started using Facebook ads to promote your website or business.

Here’s the table of contents so you can see just how detailed this guide is:

Table Of Contents

Section I: Facebook Social Ads Exposed
How Facebook Social Ads Work
A Case Study: Zynga’s “Farmville”

Section II: Getting Down to Business
The Facebook Platform
Facebook Ad Creation – The Process
Facebook Fans
Do Keywords Still Matter?
What Type of Events or Items Can I Advertise?
Should Facebook Ads Replace Google AdWords?

Section III: Maximizing your Facebook Exposure
Sweepstakes and Contests
Facebook Social Ad Branding
Facebook Marketing Solutions
Facebook Fan Pages
7 Tips for Making the Most of your Facebook Fan Page
Facebook Groups

Section IV: The Down Side of Facebook Ads
9 Facebook Ad Mistakes
The Privacy Issue
Facebook Ad Power Video
Make Money Sharing This Report

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