Debt Free in 2009?

Debt Free in 2009

What would you do if you were a young mother of 4 and more than $70,000 in debt? Declare bankruptcy? Go on welfare? Or, declare war on that debt and do something about it?

I’d like to share one of the most inspiring stories I’ve come across during the past several years. A story of hope for all of you struggling marketers trying to make a living from home.

Her name is Amy Bass. I’ve been following Amy’s struggles for almost two years now. I’d find her among the hundreds of other would-be marketers in various forums around the net.

Amy had just started a blog where she announced to the world in May 2007 that she was over $70,000 in debt with a goal to erase that debt in 2 years by working from home. In fact, the debt was $72,900!


She did it!

On Tuesday, January 6, 2009 Amy Bass announced to the world that she had reached her goal and is now completely debt-free! You can read her announcement to the Warrior Forum here:  I Did It! Or, continue reading her story below.

Each week Amy would post her progress showing how much she earned and how much of that debt was paid off. It started with just a couple of dollars per week. You can follow Amy’s progress on her blog My Debt Free Goal.

Over the next few months the earnings began increasing as her debt slowly started going down. It didn’t take long to see those numbers increasing almost daily as she worked hard to meet the goal set for herself and her family.

Friends and family started to take notice. Amy’s mom was so inspired by her daughter’s efforts that she too wanted to learn what Amy was doing to earn an income online to pay down those debts.

But there was a problem. Amy’s mom had very little experience with the Internet and only basic computer skills like sending an email. So, Amy set out to write down everything she was doing in step-by-step “lessons” that she hoped even her mother could follow.

I guess she did a pretty good job because Mom is now earning a nice income online along with several other Moms that Amy has taught.

Amy’s original goal was to be debt free by April 2009. A pretty lofty goal for someone with no previous formal training in internet marketing. But, with determination and a little hard work, Amy’s debt has been reduced to around $11,000. She recently announced that she will meet her goal and beat it by a couple of months!

What then? Well, success doesn’t stop once you reach your goals. You set new goals and work towards meeting those new challenges. Her next goal is to save enough for her family to move out of their rented apartment and to pay cash for a new home! I have no doubt she’ll meet that goal also!

Remember those step-by-step instructions written for Amy’s mom? They have been developed into a complete training course for anyone wanting to achieve the same success as Amy has.

Now, dozens of other stay-at-home moms are learning from Amy and starting to increase their own incomes working from home.

Anyone visiting my web site should know that I only recommend products and services I’ve used myself. And, since I also train beginners wanting to learn how to work from home, I don’t usually recommend someone else’s training programs. However, Amy teaches one of the best methods for starting your own home business that I’ve seen in a long time.

Take a few minutes to check out her site and see if you think she can help you too:  Amy Bass – The Niche Blogger