Dear Scam Artist

Success or Failure?A few days ago I read a great post on the Warrior Forum by Scott Ames. Whether the scenario he described is true or not doesn’t matter. It’s the message that’s important.

Just about everyone in this business has encountered both types of people he describes. Actually, I’m pretty sure anyone running any type of business has probably run into both types of customers.

What Scott describes is a perfect example of why some people fail and some succeed with their online business. Ok, so here’s the situation:

You are a successful internet marketer making a decent living from your online business and now you want to help others acheive the same success. What do you do?

Well, you might create a product to teach others how they too can do what you’re doing. It could be an eBook, a video, a membership site, or any number of other methods available for you to teach what you know.

After selling several of your “products” you receive the following feedback from a couple of your customers. (And this is the post that Scott made at the Warrior Forum):

Dear Scam Artist..

I bought your product about article marketing last night. Now that I have reviewed the materials I feel totally ripped off. Not only is everything in your stuff available for free on the internet, but I’ve seen it over and over again.

I fell for your scam once, I’ll never buy from you again.

Dear Sir;

I bought your product about article marketing last night. It was wonderful. I learned so much. I can’t wait to put these methods into practice. Thank you so much for teachng me such great stuff.

I can’t wait to buy the next thing you author.


5 months later
Dear Sir;

This is Sue, remember me? I bought your product about article marketing about 5 months ago. I wanted to tell you that I’m making about $3,500 a month on the side now. It has been a real blessing to our family.

All I did was put into practice the methods and ideas you had in your materials.

By the way, I met a guy named Robert at the last Super Mega Conference and he was interested in what I was doing. He said he has not found success yet but has looked into article marketing, CPA, co-reg, lead generation, MLM, and product creation. He said most courses you buy are rip-offs.

When I told him your name he quickly said “scammer”. He bought your course and got a refund but was angry that you did not compensate his time for reading the materials. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that by putting in place your ideas I have found my golden goose.


It’s pretty easy to tell who will be a success and who will fail.

What do you do with the information you buy or find online? Are you just a “reader” who skims over it quickly, determines it’s trash and then looks for the next greatest “secret” to an online fortune? Or, do you actually take the time to read, understand, and implement what you just learned?

On another forum I belong to there was a somewhat similar situation only this one was real. (I’m assuming the scenario created in Scott’s Warrior Forum post above was made up to illustrate a point).

This person built several niche web sites promoting info products. His complaint was that he followed one of the methods being taught in the forum and he came to the conclusion that the method didn’t work. You could feel the frustration from his posts that also hinted that the method was a scam.

Several members of the forum questioned him about what he was actually doing and promoting. Although he followed the methods perfectly, it became clear the problem was with the products being promoted. He received great advice from the membership and implemented their suggestions on one of his web site.

The result was he made a couple of sales! He’s now implementing the suggestions on his other sites and working his way to profitability. And all it took was asking for a little help.

You have a choice. Be like Robert and jump from one method to another believing everything is a scam that doesn’t work, or be like Sue and actually implement what you learned.

Which would you rather be?