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Outdated. No longer recommended.

eBay Partner Network

If you’ve been reading forums, blogs, or affiliate marketing websites for the past 3 years you would think being an eBay affiliate was no longer worth the effort.

Even though the eBay Partner Network (EPN) has evolved over that time, I can assure you it’s still a great affiliate network to be part of.

So, why has there been so much negative talk around the web about this affiliate program?

During the past couple of years, many affiliates had their EPN account closed while many others have been denied enrollment in the program. Part of the reason has to do with eBay implementing a series of “quality” requirements into their terms and conditions.

eBay wants affiliates who provide value-added content and functionality to their websites which will result in incremental purchases on eBay. That means an affiliate needs to have a website that does more than just send hundreds or thousands of visitors to eBay hoping that some of them will buy something.

The more qualified the buyer, the better it is for you as an affiliate and for eBay.

Many affiliates were doing everything they could to get as many people to eBay as possible. Some even went so far as to do everything possible to get around the rules and “game” the system just for a commission. So, eBay banned a lot of affiliates including some earning tens of thousands of dollars per month.

It doesn’t matter what affiliate program you belong to, cutting corners and violating their policies won’t get you very far for very long in this business.

Even though the rules have changed, it’s still possible to become an EPN affiliate and it’s still possible to generate some great commissions that make it worth while for you to reconsider being an eBay affiliate.

But, if they make it so hard to join, how can you become an affiliate?

Well, here’s what eBay says you should know before applying to be an affiliate:


Before applying to the eBay Partner Network, please ensure that you meet the following requirements:

You own and operate the website for which you are applying to promote eBay.

The website is functioning, relevant for promoting eBay, and has unique or value-added content or functionality that will drive incremental purchases on eBay.

You are in compliance with the eBay Partner Network Agreement and Code of Conduct.

You have a working phone number and a valid PayPal account or bank account, which can receive direct deposits–you will need this payment information during the application process.

We receive a large number of applications on a daily basis and review each application and site individually. While meeting all of the requirements above does not guarantee automatic acceptance into eBay Partner Network, doing so will ensure your application receives proper attention during the review process.

As you can see, it’s true that they’re pretty selective about who is allowed into the program. You’ll need to use accepted traffic generation methods and prove to them you’re a “real” website owner who is serious about working with eBay. And most importantly, you have to own a website that meets their requirements.

If you’re already an eBay affiliate then you might want to check out the following products to help you build quality sites that send quality visitors to eBay:

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So, as you can see, the eBay affiliate program is no different than other programs that you join. They all want quality traffic and repeat customers.

There really aren’t any shortcuts in this business. Follow the rules of the affiliate programs you join and you should do just fine marketing their products to people who actually want them.

When you are able to do that, everyone wins!