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An easy-to-follow course teaching you how to build an online business in as little as 60 minutes per day. Learn how to choose and implement just about any business model including product creation, affiliate marketing, freelance writing, offline marketing, email marketing, membership sites and more. The entire process from planning to creating to implementing and marketing is explained in detail.

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  • The 60 Minute Success Plan
  • 6 Fill-in-the-blank Action Guides
  • Sample 30-day Action Plan

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60 Minute Marketer: “How Working 60 Minutes Per Day Can Transform You Into a High-Earning Niche Marketer”

Two of the most common reasons why many online marketers fail are "Shiny Object Syndrome" and not having enough time available to properly build a profitable business.

The first reason is because so many people are chasing "shiny objects". They spend so much time and money purchasing every new product promising them a fast-track to internet riches that they never stop to learn or implement a single one of them!

The second reason is all to common for many people. They have daily schedules that make it difficult to even find a few minutes to just relax! They have jobs, families, kids, leisure activities, hobbies, friends and more. No wonder it's difficult to find time to build and grow an online business.

If either of these problems are keeping you from building an online business and earning a part-time or full-time income then you need The 60 Minute Marketer!

This 122 page 'course' covers everything you need to become a niche marketer no matter what business model you decide to follow.

Internet marketing is actually easier than you think! You'll learn how to choose the business model that's right for you. Then you'll move on to selecting a niche or market with active buyers and then create a 60-minutes-per-day strategy to get your business going.

As you follow each of the detailed steps in this course you'll be led through the process of building your brand (who you are as a marketer), becoming known on social media, setting up your business.

If your business model is to create your own products, or become an affiliate marketer, you'll learn how to choose the right products to create or promote. Then, you'll learn how to write great pre-sell content, product reviews, and blog posts.

If you're creating your own products then this course will show you how to choose a product to create, outline the product, write sales copy, create a sales funnel, and build an email list.

But don't think that it will be all work and no play! There's a couple of chapters on taking much needed breaks while still staying motivated when you only have an hour at a time to work.

By the time you've reached page 100 you'll be introduced to a sample 30-day plan for building your business in just 60 minutes per day!

I've read the entire course and found a number of great ideas that I can immediately implement in my own business. So, it doesn't matter if your a just a beginner chasing shiny objects or a marketer with intermediate skills, there's something for both inside The 60 Minute Marketer!


  • Bonus action guides are images that need to be printed and filled out by hand

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